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Custom Watches

ArmourLite Watch Company can design and manufacture a custom tritium illumination watch.

We are proud to be one of the only watch companies that can design and manufacture custom tritium illumination watches. We have manufactured custom watches for companies, agencies, military units, and more. Some of our clients include the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Secret Service, and the United States Army.

❍ Custom Program Alpha:  Bulk custom order with one invoice
This program is for customers that would like to make a bulk custom order that will be billed in one invoice.

❍ Custom Program Beta:  Individual orders until the minimum quantity is met
This program is for customers that would like to offer a custom watch to individuals that will purchase one piece at a time until the minimum quantity is met. For example, you are a member of a Police Department or Military Unit and would like to design a custom watch to offer to members of the Department or Unit. Each member can visit a website page and order the watch on an individual basis. Once the minimum quantity is met, the watches go to production. If the minimum quantity is not met, all orders are immediately refunded in full.

Are you ready to get started?  Here's what you need to do!
1. Decide which of the above programs is best for your project.
2. Find high resolution logo(s) for the dial and back-plate.
3. Choose what color(s) you want on the watch.
4. Choose the color(s) of the tritium markers on the watch.
4. Email the logo(s), color(s), and your design ideas to customwatches@armourlite.com

How much are the custom watches?

We offer special pricing based on the quantity. Email us at customwatches@armourlite.com for more information.

Is there a separate design fee?

No, the design process is included in the cost of the watches.
What kind of warranty do the watches come with?
Each watch comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of two (2) years.

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