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What Extreme Sports are there?

Posted on 12/24/2021

There is always a very interesting discussion running about what do extreme sports junkies love about these extreme sports? The risks seem to be very high whereas the reward is an adrenaline boost for a few seconds. 

You can easily get stuck in some precarious places if you adopt a reckless approach.  Nevertheless, these sports are always on our bucket list of things to do. 

There are more than 100 different kinds of extreme sports and each one of them will appeal to a different segment of people depending on their activity levels and proficiency in some sports. 

So for example, a swimmer may be interested in deep-sea diving or a mountain climber may be interested in free climbing.

A watch is an important companion for such people; aside from telling time, it can be used for several other purposes like determining directions, timing you and so on. And hence, it has to be a rugged one that can withstand anything that’s thrown at it. 

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Here’s a list of the most extreme sports out there in no particular order;

  1. Free Climbing: This is a form of mountain climbing or any sort of rock formation without the help of a harness of any sort. The only equipment used is a small clamp that the performer slides between the rocks and ties a rope connected to it around their waist. 

Every time the performer moves up or down, they have to find a new spot to place their clamp. There’s a very small time gap every time the performer places the clamp into a new crevice and during this time the probability of mishaps is the highest. 

  1. Parkour: Most people know parkour but what they don’t know is that it’s an extreme sport. Most performers do it without any safety gear. The main objective is to move from one point to another as fast as possible overcoming urban or natural obstacles. 

Running and jumping on treacherous roofs, narrow paths, small bases etc. calls for a lot of mental calculation and \ body balance. One slip up can cause a cascade of injuries. 

  1. Skydiving: A lot of people have this on their bucket list. The concept is simple; wear a parachute, get on a plane, jump out of the plane midflight, and land safely on the ground using the parachute. This sport has become a lot safer than it was before but still, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. 

For example, the main parachute doesn’t open properly, and then you have to open the backup parachute to land safely. During touchdown, the speed is very high, so the correct slowing down maneuver is also very important, otherwise you can end up with broken legs. 

  1. BMX: It is one of the most popular off-road biking activities. BMX can be of two types; freestyling where the performer pulls off spectacular tricks midair and BMX racing where bikers bike around a dirt track with obstacles. Accidents are very common and a common tactic is to fall on the arm to absorb much of the shock from the fall. 

Normal watches are good for 2 – 3 falls but pretty soon they’ll not be able to take the drops anymore. Duty series watches from Armourlite watches are built to handle such drops and much more. Head over to the Armourlite watches website and grab one for yourself now.

  1. Heli-skiing: This is a somewhat dangerous form of skiing. Normal skiers find a slope and ski down it. Heli skiers get on a helicopter in search of the steepest slopes which almost simulates free-falling from a mountain top. 

The performer is in search of a remote and untouched piece of ice that happens to be steep at the same time. The danger here is that; since the skiing spot is new and untouched, the skier is unaware of what’s underneath the thick sheet of ice. 

  1. Longboarding: You must have seen videos of people riding skateboards at crazy high speeds, usually over 80 km/h on empty hilly roads. That is called longboarding. The longboard is a modified and much steadier version of the traditional skateboard. 

It is longer, has bigger wheels, and a bigger turning radius so that the rider doesn’t stumble over small rocks etc. The rider usually wears safety gear such as a helmet, gloves and knee and elbow pads. With all this protection also, accidents can be very painful. 

  1. Waterfall kayaking: Not many people think of doing this sport. The concept is simple; get in a kayak, travel through a high current river, and fall from one waterfall after the other multiple times to reach the final destination. 

The drops on average are about 150 feet. The rider has to dive in the water perfectly vertically which allows the kayak and rider to absorb some of the force of the landing. The kayak goes into the water for several seconds and then pops right back out. The rider has to nail the landing every time. 

  1. Ice climbing: This is one of the most difficult extreme sports. Everything starting from the gear to the climbing technique should be spot on as we are talking freezing temperatures and treacherous ice mountains. 

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