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Watches that Will Hold Their Value

Posted on 5/27/2022

Any watch enthusiast knows the value of an authentic watch. If you have a love for watches, you never purchase a watch, thinking about whether or not it will retain its value down the years. 

However, there are some watch collectors who look at authentic watches as investments, and they like to purchase those timepieces and watch brands that will hold their value in the future as well. After all, when you spend a good amount of money on buying a luxury watch, you would want its value to increase in the future, not decrease. 

Knowing you can sell the authentic watch for a similar price to what you paid for it helps lessen the pain of spending a bomb on buying such luxury watches. 

However, it is important to understand that not all watches have the same type of value. Some watches decrease in value the minute they leave the showroom, while others prove to be an excellent investment and even increase in value over time. 

While it is not possible for anyone to predict the future of watch prices, here are some things that will tell you whether authentic watches will hold their value over time or not.

1. Well-known brand name

One of the main determining factors of whether an authentic watch will hold its value or not is to see how well established the brand is, how fashionable it is, and how much in demand the brand is. This is why it is best to purchase fashionable and in-demand brands if you want your watch to hold its value. 

This does not mean that you buy a watch that is just hot selling at the moment. It should be a historically popular brand. 

For example, when you buy a watch from ArmourLite, you know that it is the king of the industry, and you won't be able to find a stronger and more durable watch than from the ArmourLite collection. Together with its other brand, Isobrite, these watches have a historically strong value retention and are a proven valuable investment. 

The brand of ArmourLite has a strong foundation in the market along with the unwavering trust of its customers, which has helped it retain its popularity and the value of its products.

2. Precious metal

Another essential factor that determines whether a watch will hold its value or not is the material a watch is made from. The materials a watch is manufactured from are one of the most important factors that determine its value in the outside world. 

For example, we already know that if a watch is made from platinum or gold, it will always continue to retain its value due to these materials. However, there are certain precious materials, such as tritium, that will also always retain their value. 

If you have an Armourlite Swiss tritium watch, then you would know that illumination is the highlight of their watches, and also the factor that boosts the value of these watches. This technology involves inserting very tiny glass tubes that are filled with tritium gas, which is an isotope of hydrogen. The insides of the glass tubes get coated with phosphorescent paint, and the tubes are then filled with the gas and laser sealed. 

The electrical reaction that takes place with the tritium gas makes the luminous paint glow for many decades. The best part is that the watch needs no external power source or any charging to maintain its glow. This technology makes it easier to see the time in the dark. 

It is because of this technology itself that Armourlite has been able to come up with a recycling technique, which further boosts the price of their brand. The company even offers a trade-up scheme for where it replaces the tritium in their watches that have run their course or for those who want a brighter display. The company also runs a recycling program where you can trade in any tritium watch. It doesn't even have to be an Armourlite tritium watch

And this is why a precious item like tritium can also enhance the value of a watch. 

3. Famous watch models

Best sports watches for men and ArmourLite are synonymous with one another. ArmourLite Watch Company is one of the leading American watch companies based in Miami, Florida. The company has been designing and manufacturing some of the toughest and brightest Swiss tritium illuminated watches under its famous brands ArmourLite and Isobrite.

For example, one of the best sports watches for men is the ArmourLite Operator Series AL1501, which is of such a high quality that it is used even by the Special Forces operators and that too in the most demanding and challenging of environments. 

These watches from ArmourLite are designed and built to last and survive without a scratch. The AL1501 is made with the shatterproof Armourglass crystal topped with a carbon fiber reinforced case. The stellar manufacturing of this watch ensures that it is not only ultra-tough but also ultra-lightweight.

Similarly, the Isobrite ISO3008 Explorer Limited Edition Swiss Made T100 Tritium Illuminated Chronograph is a unique watch from ArmourLite that creates an incredible 3D effect of the globe of the Earth, giving a sense of space and exploration. And like all other tritium illuminated watches from ArmourLite, as daylight starts to fall, your watch begins to glow on its own and accentuate the globe's evening luminescence.

So sure is ArmourLite of the top quality of its authentic watches that the company actually offers a special discount for the military, law enforcement, and first responder personnel. That, by itself, speaks volumes about the quality of these best sports watches for men from ArmourLite. So if you are looking to buy a top-quality watch that will hold its value, head over to ArmourLite to select from a wide range of excellent and sturdy watches.