Ultra bright T100 represents the latest technology in tritium watches and makes seeing the time in the dark much easier on the eyes. The Isobrite T100 Duty Watches hold up to 4 times more tritium gas than standard tritium watches, resulting in much brighter visible illumination. Each watch is powered by a reliable and accurate Swiss Made Ronda movement. A lightweight and rugged carbon-fiber-reinforced case combined with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal ensure these watches are ready for anything! Duty proven, these watches have become the go-to option for military personnel and first responders.

Limited Edition Watches
Although all Isobrite watches are made in small batches, occasionally we embark on a very special project to make something that is uniquely different and very limited in quantity and availability.

Afterburner Watches
Inspired by the incredible power of the twin afterburners of the F-22 Raptor, the uniquely flat shape of the tritium markers in these watches allows for an unparalleled visible intensity.

Classic Edition Watches
These models are part of the Valor and Eclipse Series, which evolved from the first Isobrite watch, the ISO100. That model was revolutionary as it was the first time that the brighter T100 tritium illumination was combined with a lightweight polycarbonate case. This combination created a new demand and awareness for tritium watches.