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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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All Questions & Answers

Swiss Tritium Illumination
Swiss Tritium Illumination

How does Swiss tritium illumination technology work?

Swiss tritium illumination involves extremely tiny glass tubes that are filled with tritium gas, an isotope of hydrogen. The insides of the glass tubes are first coated with phosphorescent paint. The tubes are then filled with the tritium gas and laser sealed. The electrons of the tritium gas inside each glass tube continuously react with the phosphorescent paint resulting in a radio luminescent light source. The electrical reaction of this chemical process makes the phosphorescent paint glow constantly for several decades. No external power source or charging-by-light is necessary to maintain the glow. The glow is completely self-powered.

What do the T25 and T100 designations mean?

The T25 and T100 designations refer to the combined amount of tritium gas that is hermetically sealed in the glass tubes in a watch. T25 watches have up to 25 mCi (millicuries) of tritium gas in the watch whereas T100 means there is up to 100 mCi of tritium gas in the watch. T25 is found in the majority of tritium-illuminated watches. Since the Isobrite T100 watches hold more tritium gas than the aforementioned T25 watches do, the higher volume of gas results in more electrical energy being created. More electrical energy results in much brighter visible illumination. The best way to experience the difference in brightness is to actually compare a T25 watch versus a T100 watch in the dark.

What are the benefits of a T100 watch versus a T25 watch?

T100 represents the latest technology in tritium watches and makes seeing the time in the dark much easier on the eyes. When transitioning from a bright environment to a dark environment, it takes the eyes time to adjust. With the increased visible brightness of T100, the transition is much easier on the eyes. Plus, as a person ages and the eyes don’t see as well, having T100 means the time can still be easily read in the dark.

Why isn’t the glow of the tritium visible in bright lighting such as sunlight?

The tritium markers in the watch are constantly glowing. However, the glow is only visible to the eye as the ambient light starts to fade. The glow cannot compete with ambient light. As the level of ambient light decreases, the glow will become increasingly more visible.

MIL/LE/FR Discount
MIL/LE/FR Discount

Do you offer a discount for Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders?

Yes, ArmourLite Watch Company is proud to offer a 20% discount to Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders. The discount applies to watches and bands on our website!

How can I get the discount?

There are 2 very easy ways to get the discount:
Email ANY kind of proof of service to: [email protected] -or- send an email from your work email to: [email protected]

How long does it take to get the discount?

We reply to every email within 48 hours, but usually MUCH sooner. If you don't see a reply after 48 hours, please check your spam or junk email folder.

Who is eligible for the Military discount?

The Military discount is available to active duty, retirees, veterans, military spouses, and military family members. Also included are active duty and retired members of the National Guard.

Who is eligible for the Law Enforcement discount?

The Law Enforcement discount is available to both active and retired local, state, and federal law enforcement officers. The discount also applies to both active and retired corrections officers and non-sworn civilian personnel at law enforcement agencies, including dispatchers, technicians, parking enforcement, community outreach, public information officers, and victim advocates.

Who is eligible for the First Responders discount?

The First Responders discount is available to both active and retired firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, rescuers, dispatchers, and medical professionals (i.e., doctors, nurses, hospital staff).

Does the discount only apply to military, law enforcement, and first responders in the U.S.?

International members of the military, law enforcement and first responders communities are also eligible for the discount. If in doubt, simply follow the steps above to apply for the discount and we will confirm if you are indeed eligible.

TradeUp Program
TradeUp Program

What is the TradeUp Program?

The ArmourLite Watch Company TradeUp Program allows you to trade in ANY tritium illuminated watch, in ANY condition! Working, broken, or even destroyed — we’ll happily accept it! Your trade-in watch will get you credit towards the purchase of a new ArmourLite or Isobrite watch.

How can I get started with the simple evaluation process?

Click Here To Get Started

How long does it take to get a personalized offer?

We will send you a personalized offer for your trade-in watch within a few days!

Watch Instructions
Watch Instructions

Are the instructions for the watches available for online viewing?

Yes, the instructions for all of our ArmourLite and Isobrite watches can be viewed online by visiting this link: Watch Instructions


What is the warranty for ArmourLite and Isobrite watches?

Your new watch is warrantied by ArmourLite Watch Company for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the original date of purchase from an authorized dealer/seller.

What does the warranty cover?

The limited warranty covers material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of purchase. During the warranty period and by presenting a valid and dated purchase receipt from an authorized dealer/seller, you will have the right to have the material and manufacturing defects repaired. If the defects cannot be repaired, ArmourLite Watch Company may, at its discretion, replace your watch.

What does the warranty not cover?

The limited warranty does not cover: 1. Normal wear-and-tear and/or aging of the case, crown, crystal, bezel, battery, band, and plating of metal components; 2. Any damage to any part of the watch resulting from abnormal or abusive use, lack of care, negligence, incorrect use of the watch, nonobservance of the directions for use, or handling of the watch by third parties not authorized by ArmourLite Watch Company (e.g. for battery replacement, services or repairs); 3. Watches purchased from an unauthorized dealer/seller.

Do I need to register my new watch to activate the warranty?

We recommend registering your new watch to create a record of your purchase in case service or support is ever needed. The 2-year warranty protection is automatically in effect upon purchase of the watch from an authorized seller.

How can I register my new watch?

Click here to register your watch

Contact Us
Contact Us

How can I call you?

If you are in the U.S. and Canada, please call us toll free at: 1-888-355-4366
If you are in the UK, please call us at: 020-8638-7918
If you are in Australia, please call us at: 612-8091-1621
All other countries can call us at: 001-305-948-0103
Our Customer Service Team is available for calls Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

How can I email you?

Please email us anytime at: [email protected]
We usually respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends & holidays).

How can I contact you via Whatsapp?

You can contact us anytime via Whatsapp by messaging this number: 001-305-948-0103
We usually respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends & holidays).

Where are you located?

ArmourLite Watch Company has its headquarters in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Can I visit your headquarters?

We are unable to receive customers at our headquarters at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Servicing & Repairs
Servicing & Repairs

Do you service and repair watches in-house?

From a battery replacement to a complete overhaul, our in-house Service Center in North Miami Beach, Florida is the ideal solution to have your ArmourLite or Isobrite watch serviced or repaired. Our Swiss trained technicians use genuine parts and guarantee the work performed to ensure your watch can be worn for many years to come.

How can I get my watch serviced or repaired?

Click here to fill out the servicing/repair form

Shipping Policy
Shipping Policy

Do you ship watches and accessories worldwide?

Yes, ArmourLite Watch Company ships worldwide from our headquarters in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free standard shipping for all orders (regardless of dollar amount) shipping anywhere within the United States.

How much is shipping to Canada?

All orders being shipped to Canada will ship via FedEx and incur a shipping fee of $19.95.

How much is shipping to international destinations other than the U.S. & Canada?

Orders under $200 will ship via USPS and incur a shipping fee of $17.99. Orders of $200 and more will ship via FedEx and incur a shipping fee of $39.99.

If I am shipping my order outside of the U.S., will my order be subject to import duties and/or local taxes?

Product prices displayed on do not include import duties and/or local taxes, if any. As such, international orders may be subject to import duties and/or taxes from your respective country, which are levied once your order arrives in the country. The recipient of the order is liable for any and all import duties and/or local taxes. Please contact your local customs office for country-specific policies. If the recipient of an international order does not retrieve the order and the order ends up being shipped back to us, we will have to deduct the return shipping cost from the overall refund amount.

Return & Exchange Policy
Return & Exchange Policy

What is your return and exchange policy?

If for ANY reason within ten (10) days after delivery of the order you are unsatisfied with your purchase you may return the item(s) to us for a refund or preferably an exchange.

What conditions apply for returns and exchanges?

The following conditions apply for returns and exchanges: 1. The product(s) must be returned in their original condition; 2. The product(s) must not be worn or show any signs of wear; 3. The product(s) must not be resized or altered in any way; 4. Products that have been damaged, scratched, chipped, or show other signs of wear or tampering will not be accepted for a refund or exchange; 5. The product(s) must be returned with all cases, manuals, and accessories; 6. Special orders and custom watch orders cannot be returned or exchanged; 7. All returns and exchanges shipped back to us must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number; 8. If you choose to exchange your watch, you will be charged or refunded the price difference and be responsible for a new $6.95 shipping charge.

How can I request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for returns and exchanges?

To request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, please call us at 1-888-355-4366 or email us at [email protected]. Please provide your order number and the reason(s) for the return or exchange. If requesting an exchange, please indicate the item you would like to exchange for. After contacting us you will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Products shipped to us without an RMA will not be accepted and will be returned to you. A 25% restocking fee will apply to products that are accepted for return without an RMA. Once an RMA is issued, the package with product(s) for return or exchange must be postmarked within five (5) business days. Before sending the product(s) to us for return or exchange, please write the RMA number on the outside of the package. We highly recommend using a traceable shipping service when returning the product(s). Product(s) that are shipped back to us for return or exchange are subjected to a thorough inspection. Once the inspection passes, a refund or exchange will be processed. Customer is always responsible for the cost of shipping an order back for a refund or exchange.

How will I receive my refund?

In the case of a credit card payment, a credit will be applied to the card used to make the original purchase. If payment was made by check or money order, a check will be issued by mail. If you are returning a gift, you may choose to credit the credit card of the original purchaser, or you may request a store credit, which can be applied to any purchase in the future on our website. Store credits have no expiration date. Refunds will be issued for the purchase amount, including any applicable taxes paid. If an order was shipped outside of the U.S. or an expedited paid shipping option was chosen, the refund will not include the original shipping cost and/or any international import duties and/or taxes. Please allow approximately 10 business days to complete the return and refund process.

Don't See An Answer You're Looking For
Don't See An Answer You're Looking For

I don’t see an answer to my question on this page. What should I do?

If you do not see an answer to your question here, please email us at: [email protected]
We usually respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends & holidays).