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General Care and Maintenance Guidelines

Watch Instructions: General Care & Maintenance Guidelines

Watch Instructions:
General Care & Maintenance Guidelines

Some of the quartz movements in the ArmourLite and Isobrite watches have an end-of-life (EOL) feature to indicate the battery voltage is getting low. Electronic circuits in the movements make the second hand move forward erratically to alert you that it is time to replace the battery. Installing a new battery should restore the second hand to advance normally.

Battery replacement should only be performed by an authorized ArmourLite Watch Company service center to ensure the gaskets in your watch are replaced and a pressure test is performed to ensure continued water resistance.

When storing your watch for a period of time, leave the crown in the 2nd position to prolong battery life.

Your watch is fitted with either a shatterproof Armourglass crystal or a sapphire crystal, depending on the model. The Armourglass crystal can withstand extreme impacts when the watch is being worn. The sapphire crystal is highly scratch resistant. A damaged crystal should be replaced immediately.

Your watch is water resistant and tested to the pressure indicated on the dial or case-back of the watch. A watch with a water resistance of 50M is suitable for water related activities but not submersion in water. A watch with a water resistance of 100M and higher is suitable for diving. More importantly, your watch is water resistant only when the crown is screwed in or pushed in all the way. Do not operate the crown or buttons when the watch is wet or submerged in water.

Never take your watch into a hot shower, jacuzzi, sauna or hot tub. The combination of extreme heat and water may cause your watch to lose some of its water resistance. Moreover, during sudden temperature variations, condensation may appear underneath the crystal of your watch. This light fogging should dissipate on its own and will not affect the operation of the movement in your watch. If the fogging does not dissipate after 24 hours, please send in your watch to be serviced.

Rinse your watch with fresh water after it has been exposed to salt water or chemicals (i.e.: sunscreen, solvents, fragrances, soaps, oils) to avoid damage to the rubber seals and lubricants.

While every effort is made to ensure your watch is designed to withstand impacts under normal use, please avoid exposing your watch to severe impacts.