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Can Watches be Recycled?

Posted on 2/28/2022

Most of us tend to simply throw away or discard our old or broken watches. We may try to have them fixed but ultimately give up at the hassle of having to go again and again to get them fixed.

However, it is actually possible to make use of your old or broken watches again. So if you want to know about whether or not watches can be recycled, the answer is yes.

Watch recycling is still quite uncommon, and most people don't know about it. But, companies like ArmourLite Watch Company run a very popular recycling program.

Armourlite Watch Company is a renowned American company that is known for manufacturing the toughest and brightest Swiss tritium illuminated watches in the world. First responders, the U.S. military, and many adventurers who need a watch that can withstand rough and tough conditions prefer the Company’s ArmourLite and Isobrite branded tritium watches.

So let’s take a look at how watches can be recycled.

The first thing to do if you really want to recycle your watch is to connect with Armourlite Watch Company. With a growing focus on waste management techniques and upcycling, they can help you manage the disposal or renewal of any brand of tritium watch. They willingly take in non-functional, old watches or even working watches.

If you have an Armourlite or Isobrite Swiss tritium watch, then you would know that illumination is the highlight of their watches. Their technology involves inserting very tiny glass tubes that are filled with tritium gas, which is an isotope of hydrogen. The insides of the glass tubes get coated with phosphorescent paint, and the tubes are then filled with the gas and laser sealed.

The electrical reaction that takes place with the tritium gas makes the luminous paint glow for many decades. The best part is that the watch needs no external power source or any charging to maintain its glow. This technology makes it easier to see the time in the dark.

The company also runs a recycling program where you can trade-in any tritium watch towards the purchase of a new watch. The trade-in watch doesn't even have to be a used ArmourLite or Isobrite tritium watch.

If you want to trade-in your tritium watch that is in any condition, the company's TradeUp Program is the best form of recycling for your old watch. The company happily accepts working, broken, or even destroyed tritium illuminated watches, and you get credit towards buying a new ArmourLite or Isobrite. There is a simple evaluation process that you have to go through, which involves filling out an easy form on their website.

The form will ask for details like your name, email, make or model of the watch you want to trade in, approximate age of the watch you are trading in, and if the watch is in working condition or not. You can also let them know what new ArmourLite or Isobrite watch model you are interested in.

After submitting this form, you will receive an email back from the company that includes a unique submission ID. And within a few hours or a few days at most, you will be contacted about the customized TradeUp offer that has been set up for your old watch.

With such an easy process in place, recycling your old tritium illuminated watch has never been this accessible.

And the best part is that you know you won't go wrong in investing in an ArmourLite and Isobrite tritium watch as the company has a solid decade and a half designing and manufacturing the toughest and brightest watches. This is why first responders, military, police and firefighters prefer to buy their watches.