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We are an American company that makes the toughest and brightest tritium illuminated watches, trusted by the US military, law enforcement, and extreme outdoorsmen.

Isobrite Limited Edition Watches

Tougher & Brighter

Swiss Tritium Illumination

ArmourLite and Isobrite watches have tiny glass tubes that are filled with tritium gas and then hermetically sealed. The electrons of the gas continuously react with phosphorescent paint resulting in a radio luminescent light source that glows constantly. No external power source or charging-by-light is necessary to maintain the glow. The glow is completely self-powered.

Rugged Case Construction

Our watches feature rugged case construction. Some of our watches feature cases made out of 316L stainless steel. This kind of steel is most commonly used for watches and jewelry, as it is extremely durable and anti- corrosive. The rest of our watches feature carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate cases. These cases are ultra lightweight and extremely durable.

Ready For Anything

Everyone from military and law enforcement personnel to first responders and extreme outdoorsmen rely on our watches. The watches have been used in all kinds of conditions ranging from freezing cold to extreme heat. There are few limitations when it comes to where these watches can go! We are also very proud and honored that our watches are now used by some of the most elite Operators of the United States Armed Forces.